Science with multi-object spectrographs: perspectives and opportunities for the Italian community

TBD (IASF Milano)


IASF Milano

Via Alfonso Corti, 12 20133 Milano
Adriano Fontana (INAF - Head of Opt-NIR Division)


The Italian community is heavily involved in a number of high-profile instrumental projects aimed at building multi-object spectrographs for optical and near-IR telescopes from 4 to 40m. These projects are the natural follow-up of a long standing tradition of observational programs that have used similar instruments over the last decades. These new projects are supported by large investments for the design and construction, and will yield significant amount of telescope time and/or massive amount of data available to the Italian community as a whole. Needless to say, these projects are not built in isolation but are part of a global landscape that will also be discussed at the meeting.


Goals of the workshop

The ultimate goals of the workshop is to maximise the scientific return and the involvement of Italian scientists in these projects. In particular, the workshop is a chance to:

- inform the community about the status and the scientific plans of the various projects;

- give the whole community an opportunity to present science cases and develop collaborations, within but also beyond the framework of the available Granted Time;

- discuss the possible synergies and overlaps in the development of tools for data analysis and scientific exploitation.



The workshop will be organized across two full days, and will be organized in four sessions.  A preliminary scheme of the program is attached. In addition to invited talks concerning the main ongoing programs and instrumental projects, time is available for contributed talks to present main results from ongoing “large” programs with existing MOS or science cases for future instruments, with a particular emphasis to projects exploiting the GTO that will be available to the Italian community. The deadline for the submission of contributed talks is November 9.

Space is also foreseen for open discussions.



The deadline for registration is November 16. The deadline is strict due to organisational constraints, so we invite all interested participants to register in due time.


Invited Speakers

Angela Bragaglia

Marcella Brusa 

Andrea Cimatti

Giovanni Cresci

Emanuele D’Alessandro

Ben Granett

Angela Iovino

Roberto Maiolino

Filippo Mannucci

Tino Oliva

Elena Pancino

Luca Pasquini

Laura Pentericci

Sofia Randich

Giuseppe Sacco

Margherita Talia



Preliminary Program

The program is still very tentative. Space will be given to short contributed talks, and each session will be concluded by an open discussion. The exact timing of the various sessions may change.


DAY #1 (12 December)

11:00 – 13:00

Session 1: Stellar surveys





Contributed talks

Plenary Discussion

14:00 – 18:00

Session 2: Extragalactic surveys




Cosmology with clustering surveys (Euclid)

Euclid Legacy Science

Contributed talks

Plenary Discussion

DAY #2 (13 December)

9:00 – 13:00

Session 3: Global Landscape




10m Spectroscopic Telescope



Synergies: SKA/Lofar

Synergies: X-ray surveys


Discussion and Final Wrap—up


15:00 – 17:00

Session 4: Tools

Contributed talks




Adriano Fontana (Chair)

Gigi Guzzo

Bianca Garilli

Tino Oliva

Livia Origlia

Laura Pentericci

Bianca Maria Poggianti

Sofia Randich

Antonella Vallenari



Marco Fumana (Chair)

Adriana Gargiulo 

Paolo Franzetti

Letizia Caito

  • Adriana Gargiulo
  • Adriano Fontana
  • Amata Mercurio
  • Andrea Bianco
  • Andrea Cimatti
  • Angela Bragaglia
  • Angela Iovino
  • Anna Gallazzi
  • Anna Wolter
  • Antonella Vallenari
  • Ben Granett
  • Bianca Garilli
  • Bianca Poggianti
  • Brunella Nisini
  • Carmelita Carbone
  • Chiara Mancini
  • Claudia Cicone
  • Dan Maoz
  • Dario Maccagni
  • Elena Pancino
  • Emanuele Dalessandro
  • Emilio Molinari
  • Ennio Poretti
  • Ennio Poretti
  • Enrichetta Iodice
  • Ernesto Oliva
  • Eros Vanzella
  • Filippo Mannucci
  • Filomena Bufano
  • Francesca Annibali
  • Gabriele Cescutti
  • giampaolo vettolani
  • Gianni Zamorani
  • Giovanni Cresci
  • Giulia Rodighiero
  • Giulia Rodighiero
  • Giuseppe Germano Sacco
  • Grazia Maria Gloria Umana
  • Isabella Prandoni
  • Ivano Baronchelli
  • Katia Biazzo
  • Laura Magrini
  • Laura Pentericci
  • Leo Girardi
  • Leonardo Corcione
  • Letizia Caito
  • Letizia Cassarà
  • Luca Costantin
  • Luca Pasquini
  • Lucia Pozzetti
  • Luigi Guzzo
  • Marcella Brusa
  • Marcella Longhetti
  • Marco Castellano
  • Marco Fumana
  • Marco Gullieuszik
  • Marco Mignoli
  • Marco Riva
  • Marco Scodeggio
  • Margherita Talia
  • Maria Isabel Carnerero Martin
  • Micol Bolzonella
  • Olga Cucciati
  • Paola Re Fiorentin
  • Paola Santini
  • Paolo Franzetti
  • Paolo Saracco
  • Roberto Gilli
  • Roberto Maiolino
  • Sebastiano Ligori
  • Simone Zaggia
  • Sofia Randich
  • Stefano Covino
  • Ulisse Munari