Jun 8 – 12, 2020
Europe/Rome timezone

Rome, 8-12 June 2020.

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The conference follows the very successful LSST@EUROPE1 (Cambridge), 2 (Belgrade) and 3 (Lyon) workshops organized in 2013, 2016 and 2018 to foster the European participation to the LSST projects, as well as the analogous LSST@ASIA organized in 2019 for the Asian, Australian and African communities.


The LSST project is moving forward in the construction phase, and activities in the LSST Science Collaborations (Solar System; Stars, the Milky Way and Local Volume; Transients and Variable
Stars; Galaxies; AGN; Strong Lensing; Dark Energy and Informatics and Statistics) are vibrant and involve a significant European participation.


The recent adoption of an “in-kind” contribution to regulate the access of International participants to the project clearly represents a major paradigm shift for the participation of the European astronomical community, with the existing agreements that need to be re-negotiated by mid-2021. The LSST@EUROPE4 conference, being located right in the middle of this path, provides the community with a perfect opportunity to discuss proposals and plans.


In this framework, the main objectives of LSST@EUROPE4 are to:

  • provide an update of the status of the LSST Project;
  • foster the participation of European scientists to the activities of the Science Collaborations;
  • discuss the opportunities and proposals for European participantsto help shape the “in-kind” contributions for the development of the LSST project;
  • discuss potential common initiatives at the European level to support the participation of European scientists to LSST;
  • provide an update on the planned release of LSST data products of different levels;
  • discuss LSST science drivers: current perspectives and future developments;
  • explore synergies with other facilities, with a special emphasis on European ones.

Many organisational details are still being sorted out. More complete information will be available from September 2019. Mark the date!