Michelle Bannister (United Kingdom)

Federica Bianco (Co-Chair, USA, Univ. of Delaware)

Sara Bonito (Italy, INAF)

Giuseppe Bono (Co-Chair, Italy, Università di Roma Tor Vergata)

Dominique Boutigny (France, IN2P3)

Sarah Brough (Australia, University of South Wales)

Adriano Fontana (Co-Chair, Italy, INAF)

Andreja Gomboc (Slovenia, University of Nova Gorica)

Leanne Guy (USA, LSST)

Darko Jevremović (Serbia)

Hiranya Peiris (Sweden)

Emese Plachy (Hungary)

Agnieszka Pollo (Poland)

Hans Walter Rix (Germany, MPIA)

Ian Shipsey (United Kingdom)

Jeno Sokoloski (USA, LSST)

Sherry Suyu – (Germany, MPA/TUM)

Frederic Thevenin (France)

Aprajita Verma United Kingdom)

Nicholas Walton (United Kingdom)

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