September 30, 2024 to October 2, 2024
Palazzo Brera
Europe/Rome timezone

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We are pleased to announce the first conference dedicated to Astrophysics with SHARP entitled “Unveiling the Universe with SHARP: a Spectrograph Proposal for MORFEO@ELT" that will be held at the historical Brera building in Milan, Italy, on September 30-October 2, 2024.

Participation in the meeting is free, while registration is mandatory for organizational reasons.


The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), thanks to the world's largest aperture and cutting-edge adaptive optics (AO) system MORFEO, promises to deliver sharper and deeper data even than the JWST. Initially  working with the ELT's first-light instrument, MICADO,  MORFEO is also engineered to feed light to a second instrument in the future.The spectrograph that will have the chance to occupy the 2nd port of MORFEO@ELT will therefore be the most powerful spectrograph in the JWST era, the one able to see what the others cannot. 

SHARP is a concept study for a near-IR (0.95-2.45 μm) multi-mode spectrograph conceived for the 2nd port of MORFEO@ELT to be proposed at the next ESO call for new instrumentation. Composed of a Multi-Object Spectrograph, NEXUS, and a multi-Integral Field Unit, VESPER, MORFEO-SHARP will deliver unprecedented high angular (~30 mas) and spectral resolution, outperforming NIRSpec@JWST (100 mas), allowing for studies of the nearby and the early Universe at unprecedented detail.

The purpose of this first meeting is twofold:

  • spread SHARP in the scientific community and invite those who are interested to join SHARP;
  • stimulate the community to elaborate and present their scientific cases in light of the potential of MORFEO-SHARP, involving people in the preparation of the White Books.

Scientific Topics

  • Early Universe, primordial galaxies, Pop-III stars, IGM and reionization

  • Properties of galaxies at different cosmic time, on different scales and in different environments

  • SMBH and AGN across cosmic time: interplay with the host galaxy and physical properties down to sub-parsec scales

  • Resolved and unresolved stellar populations

  • Stars and planets formation

  • Solar system

  • Counterparts of gravitational wave emitters

  • Synergies with MICADO and the other ELT instruments

  • Additional potential scientific cases not covered by the above topics


Conference email:

Palazzo Brera
Sala Aldo Bassetti
Via Brera 28, Milano
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