14-18 October 2019
T-Hotel Cagliari
Europe/Rome timezone

"Interpreting the (sub)millimeter extragalactic sky: implications for obscured star-formation in the first few Gyr after the Big Bang"

14 Oct 2019, 11:40
T-Hotel Cagliari

T-Hotel Cagliari

Via Dei Giudicati, 66 | 09131 Cagliari | Sardinia, Italy


Dr Caitlin Casey


Invited talk

I will present recent modeling and observational work aimed at understanding the prevalence of dust-obscured star-formation in the first few Gyrs of the Universe’s history. Despite great effort to map the star-formation rate density in the rest-frame UV out to z~11, similar efforts to map rest-frame FIR have not kept apace. ALMA has begun to provide hints of the cosmic density of obscured galaxies during this epoch and will, no doubt, make tremendous strides over the next decade

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