August 28, 2022 to September 1, 2022
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Europe/Rome timezone



Modern astrophysics is increasingly characterized by large surveys able to identify transient or highly variable sources belonging to many different categories: supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, x-ray binaries, gravitational wave counterparts, flaring stars, novae, tidal disruption events, blazar outbursts, and numerous transients of unknown nature.

Transient phenomena represent unique laboratories of unusual or even extreme physical conditions, often linking together multi-messenger observations. Among the many possible analysis tools, (time-resolved) polarimetry offers the possibility to derive information about geometry, including magnetic field orientation, and physical processes driving the evolution of these events not easily obtainable by other techniques. New observatories have opened up an unprecedented wavelength range for polarimetry, from radio to gamma-ray, providing new insights on the physical processes, and establishing polarimetry as a key capability to exploit the yield of large scale transient surveys.

This workshop aims at bringing together theoreticians, observers, and instrument scientists to review the current state of the art and to enable new collaborations to develop to address open questions that can be addressed via polarimetric studies.



Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco Via Previati 1/c – 23900 Lecco, Italy
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