Jun 8 – 13, 2025
Giulianova (TE)
UTC timezone

With immense pleasure we announce the International "s, i & r Element Nucleosynthesis (sirEN)" Conference on the Nucleosynthesis of Heavy Elements.

It is imperative to recognize the profound significance of our collective endeavor in unraveling the intricate mysteries of cosmic production of chemical elements.
Nucleosynthesis stands as one of the most fashinating phenomena in Astrophysics. At the heart of this field lies the synthesis of heavy elements, a process governed by the interplay of the slow, intermediate, and rapid neutron capture processes.

From the quiescent burning phases of massive stars and the final evolutionary stages of low- and intermediate-mass stars, to the violent explosions of supernovae and the mergers of compact binary objects, the cosmos orchestrates a symphony of nuclear fusion and fission that shapes the complex pattern of elements constituting the Universe baryonic matter. 

A synergic approach, integrating experiments, observations, and theoretical frameworks, is pivotal for understanding the complex mechanisms underlying the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements. Aim of the "sirEN Conference" is to trigger a collaborative effort to comprehensively unravel their formation processes, fostering a collective understanding of the three fundamental neutron capture mechanisms at work (s, i & r).

The Conference will be organized in Giulianova (TE), a city nestled along the picturesque Adriatic coast, in the marvellous land of Abruzzo. Steeped in rich cultural heritage and bathed in the golden hues of Mediterranean sunshine, this charming city captivates visitors with its timeless beauty and vibrant ambiance.

Let the quest for cosmic alchemy begin!




Giulianova (TE)
Hotel EUROPA - Beach Village **** Lungomare Zara, 57, 64021 Giulianova TE
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