Feb 17 – 19, 2020
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma
Europe/Rome timezone

Invited speakers

S. Antoniucci
SHARK-VIS: the new high-contrast optical imager for the LBT

C. Arcidiacono
AO data analysis challenge

M. Bergomi
SHARK-NIR: the coronagraphic camera getting ready for the first-light at the LBT

L. Busoni
The LBT suite of operational AO instruments

P. Ciliegi 
MAORY - MICADO : the winning combination for next generation diffraction limited observations

E. Dalessandro
High resolution imaging in crowded stellar fields: present and future science

S. Desidera
Exoplanets with AO instruments

I. Ermolli
Solar Adaptive Optics

S. Esposito 
Moderatore tavola rotonda

C. Feruglio
High resolution multiwavelength diagnostics of AGN and their host galaxies

G. Fiorentino
Deep into the core of dense star clusters with ELT

F. Mannucci
Galaxies at high resolution: what ERIS and MAVIS can do for us

D. Mesa
SPHERE planet imager: instrument presentation and main results

L. Origlia
AO-assisted spectroscopy in crowded stellar fields: present and future science opportunities

D. Perna
Picturing the solar system small bodies with new-generation adaptive-optics systems

R. Ragazzoni
Introduzione al workshop

A. Riccardi
ERIS: the new 1-5µm Adaptive Optics Instrument extending and enhancing imaging and spectroscopy capabilities for VLT

E. Rigliaco
The role of AO in star formation: a closer look to protoplanetary disks

E. Vanzella
Exploring the distant Universe with AO at the focus of cosmic telescopes

V. Viotto
MAVIS: a Visible MCAO-equipped imager and spectrograph for the VLT