May 30, 2022 to June 1, 2022
Europe/Brussels timezone

Bring together researchers actively involved in the fields of machine learning applications to astrophysics use cases is the aim of the International Conference on Machine Learning for Astrophysics - ML4Astro.

In the view of the forthcoming Big Data era for the astronomy community, the conference focuses on challenges coming from the application of ML/DL methods to open problems in astrophysics: novel AI techniques will be presented and  joint discussions on their use with observational data will be fostered.  A special session on the Square Kilometre Array and its precursors/pathfinders is foreseen. 

Participants are invited to submit an abstract for an Oral Presentation or a Poster Presentation on the topics of interest for the conference. Conference Proceedings in Springer book series ASSP are foreseen both for Oral and Poster accepted contributions.

The 2nd edition of the International Conference on Machine Learning for Astrophysics (ML4ASTRO2) is now coming!! 
ML4ASTRO2 -- Catania, 8-12 July 2024



Supervised/Unsupervised/Semi-supervised Learning

Deep learning

Active Learning

Image segmentation, object detection and classification

Anomaly discovery

Data preparation, generation and augmentation

Time series analysis, transients

Classification and regression

Data mining

Software tools and services for machine learning

Computing infrastructures and devices for Artificial Intelligence


Scientific Domains:


Observational Astrophysics 

Time Domain Astronomy

High-Energy Astrophysics

Astroparticle Physics

Galactic and Extragalactic Science

Cosmology and numerical simulations

Il Principe Hotel Via Alessi, 24, 95124 Catania CT, Italy
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