28-30 October 2019
Firenze, Palazzo dei Congressi
Europe/Rome timezone

Wavefront Phase Imaging sensor (WFPI)

29 Oct 2019, 10:00
Firenze, Palazzo dei Congressi

Firenze, Palazzo dei Congressi

piazza Adua 1


Dr José Manuel Rodríguez-Ramos (Universidad de La Laguna (Wooptix))


We will discuss here the applications of the Wavefront Phase Imaging sensor (WFPI) on Adaptive Optics (AO) for Astronomy. The WFPI sensor is based on registering the intensity distribution at two different optical planes by a conventional imaging sensor. In the geometrical approximation, the light can be considered as a collection of light rays which bends according to Snell’s law. In the context of this approximation, with boundary conditions, and using the probability density function of photons, we calculate the photon displacement between both intensity images and the associated wavefront slope. Our results using WFPI sensor show high resolution wavefront maps, real time working, high dynamic range, and improved repeatability and reproducibility related to classical wavefront sensors. It is currently being used in a variety of demanding fields as silicon metrology, optical characterization, and ocular laser surgery. Extreme AO, co-phasing, and MCAO are suitable applications of the WFPI sensor.

Primary author

Dr José Manuel Rodríguez-Ramos (Universidad de La Laguna (Wooptix))


Alex Roqué Velasco (WOOPTIX) David Carmona-Ballester (WOOPTIX) Jan Olaf Gaudestad (WOOPTIX) Javier Martí­n-Hernández (WOOPTIX) José Gil Marichal-Hernández (WOOPTIX) Juan Trujillo-Sevilla (WOOPTIX) Miguel J. Sicilia-Cabrera (WOOPTIX) Miriam Velasco-Ocaña (WOOPTIX) Ricardo Oliva-García (WOOPTIX) Sabato Ceruso (WOOPTIX) Sergio Bonaque-González (WOOPTIX) Ángela Hernández-Delgado (WOOPTIX) Óscar Casanova-González (WOOPTIX) Óscar Gómez-Cárdenes (WOOPTIX)

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