Oct 9 – 12, 2018
Europe/Rome timezone

LeMMINGS: the eMERLIN radio legacy survey of nearby galaxies

Oct 9, 2018, 4:30 PM


Ranieri Baldi (Univ. of Southampton)


I will present the first data release of high-resolution 1.5-GHz radio observations of 103 nearby galaxies with the eMERLIN array, part of the LeMMINGs survey. The sample consists of active and non-active galaxies, taken from the Palomar sample. The radio images reveal a broad variety of morphologies: one/two-sided jets, double-lobed jets, complex structures and star formation regions on a typical scale of ~100 pc, down to a radio luminosity of 10$^{32}$ erg/s. The most important result is the detection of pc-scale jetted structures associated with black hole masses down to 10$^6$ M$_{\odot}$. By dividing the sample into optical classes, LINERs show more core-brightened radio morphologies and appear to be the scaled-down version of FRI radio galaxies; Seyferts show less collimated jets than LINERs; HII galaxies and Absorption-line galaxies are a mixed population of weakly active and silent black holes. In addition, I also find that that jetted radio sources follow the optical fundamental plane of black hole activity, suggesting a common disc-jet relationship.

Affiliation University of Southampton

Primary author

Ranieri Baldi (Univ. of Southampton)

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