Oct 16 – 20, 2023
Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte (Napoli)
Europe/Rome timezone


This meeting is dedicated to the memory of Antonio Sollima, our friend and colleague, who prematurely passed away in January 2023. We invite the speakers willing to remember Antonio to briefly share their memories about him during their talks.

Please upload your slides on the Zenodo Repository of the meeting (pdf format). This will allow all the participants to access the results you presented there, it will make the talk properly quotable (by doi number) and it will keep record of high participation and high quality of the talks. It takes just a few minutes, it is easy!


The Final statement on the process to have a meeting for the Italian Stellar Astrophysics/Galactic Astronomy/Stellar populations community with regular cadence and on the organization of next such meeting (2025) is available on the Zenodo repository


Scientific Focus

Additional Information



The Italian scientific community has a long and outstanding tradition in Stellar Astrophysics and Stellar Populations, with worldwide leading positions in many key fields, like, e.g,. stellar evolution and pulsation models, star clusters, nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution, and others. In the last two decades, the advent of large photometric and spectroscopic ground-based surveys, of the ESA-Gaia mission, and the great development of asteroseismology have revolutionised the field. This has brought a significant transformation in terms  of techniques and methods to reach both long standing and newly identified science goals, with a new generation of scientists taking the scene.
Given that twenty-five years have passed since the last general meeting of the Italian stellar astrophysical community (Carloforte in 1998), we believe that a conference bringing together the whole stellar (but not only) community is long overdue. This is meant to be an opportunity to discuss the present and the future of our science, offering updates on the status of current and upcoming projects, showcase the latest results,  and promote new collaborations and ideas, representing an ideal setting for different generations of scientists in the field to meet.
The meeting will be focused on science. The maximum participation will be promoted by planning only 15m + 5m contributed talks, leaving ample  space for discussion.  Early career scientists are especially encouraged to submit an abstract. We also encourage the presentation of posters, whose exhibit will take place close to the room where buffet lunches will be served, to foster informal discussion during lunch time.  While the main goal is to facilitate the interaction of the Italian stellar astrophysical community, the meeting welcomes scientists from any country.


Stars and stellar populations in the field, in star clusters and in nearby galaxies;  stellar physics; stellar models; asteroseismology; variable stars and distance scale; stellar ages; Galactic archeology;  local Universe; chemical abundances, chemical evolution and nucleosynthesis; kinematics and dynamics of stellar systems; new surveys, space missions, space and ground-based instrumentation.



  • The meeting will start in the early afternoon (2PM CEST) of Monday 16 October and will end with the morning session of Friday 20 October (1 PM CEST). 
  • It will be held in the INAF National Auditorium, at the Capodimonte Observatory, in Naples. 
  • We accept contributed talks only in presence. However,  all the meeting sessions will be broadcasted, and a Slack  channel will be open for comments/questions, not necessarily in real time. 
  • The registration fee is 230 Euro and will include lunches during the full days of the meeting and shuttle connecting downtown hotels and the congress site. 
  • There are funds available to support a limited number of students, postdocs and junior scientists. It is possible to submit the request for a grant application filling this Google Form after the registration. The deadline to submit the funding requests is September, 10, but all other things being equal, priority will be given to those who registered earlier, so we encourage who need funding support to do the registration and submit the funding request as soon as possible.
The meeting is financially supported by INAF and by INAF-OA Capodimonte.



  • Abstract submission: July 21, 2023
  • Registration and Fee payment/Funding request: September 10, 2023
  • Allocation of financial support: September 20, 2023
  • Social Dinner payment: September 30, 2023


Michele Bellazzini (Chair), Marco Limongi, Sara Lucatello, Laura Magrini, Marcella Marconi, Andrea Miglio, Ilaria Musella, Oscar Straniero, 


Ilaria Musella (Chair), Rosario Aiello, Romilda Cozzolino, Giulia De Somma, Maria Teresa Fulco, Massimiliano Gatto, Modestino Iafanti, Silvio Leccia, Guido Mascolo, Roberto Molinaro, Vincenzo Ripepi