Sep 28 – 30, 2023
Europe/Rome timezone


Guided visit to the private “quadreria” of Palazzo Patrizi Montoro

A brief Walking Tour by Giangiacomo Gandolfi in “Campo Marzio” from Castel Sant’Angelo to Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza to discover Copernicus’ Rome during the Borgia papacy. At the end of the walk the participants will be offered an exclusive visit to the private “quadreria” of Palazzo Patrizi Montoro (a baroque picture gallery), guided by the Marquis Corso Patrizi and by the astronomer Giangiacomo Gandolfi, where the visitors will be introduced to a wonderful and overlooked testimony of the Roman interest for the Science of the Stars in the post-Copernican era: an entire cycle of paintings dedicated to the History of Astronomy since the I century BC to the XVII AD, century by century. The works, commissioned by the Patrizi brothers Mariano and Francesco Felice, rich amateurs of art and astronomy in the era of the Counter Reform, were probably realised by the bavarian brothers Jakob and Christoph Worndle around 1700 and contain unedited representations of Copernicus, Galileo, Hevelius and Tycho Brahe.