Sep 19 – 23, 2022
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
Europe/Rome timezone

Bus transportations and Hotels

Bus Transportations

We have arranged bus transportation from downtown (near the suggested Hotels, see below) to "Porta Grande" (close to the meeting venue) and back. 

Please, note that for the Opening reception at the Osservatorio of Capodimonte on September 19 (6:30 pm - 8:00 pm)  bus transportation is only provided for the return downtown.

The buses are from the company "AM Autoservizi Meridionali" and will show the sign "Stellar Evolution Conference INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte".

Bus Stops  are the following:

  1. Via Monteoliveto 3, Palazzo Gravina 
  2. Piazza Dante at the Bus Stop
  3. In front of the entrance of the Naples National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale)
  4. Via Capodimonte, Capodimonte steps, in front of Grand Hotel Capodimonte

The Bus stop for the return downtown is at "Porta Grande"

and you can find their position on this map (purple bus icons)

Bus time schedule

  • Monday 19 September: return downtown at 8:30 pm (Porta Grande)

From downtown to the Observatory

  • 20, 21, 22 and 23 September :
    • 8:00 Via Monteoliveto, 3 (Pazzo Gravina)
    • 8:05 P.zza Dante Bus Stop 
    • 8:15 In front of the entrance of the Naples National Archaeological Museum
    • 8:35 Via Capodimonte, Capodimonte steps, in front of Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Return downtown (Porta Grande)

  • 20 September at 6:30 pm
  • 21 September at 5:30 pm
  • 22 September at 6:30 pm

Social Dinner - Ristorante Transatlantico (Castel dell’OVO)

  • 7:15 pm - Porta Grande 
  • 7:20 pm - Grand Hotel Capodimonte 
  • 7:35 pm - P.zza Dante


  • 11:00 pm from Ristorante Transatlantico (Castel dell’OVO) to p.zza Dante, Grand Hotel Capodimonte, Porta Grande


​​​​​​​If you miss these buses you can:

  1. take a taxi (there are many taxi-stations close to the hotels): about 20 min (depending on traffic), cost: about 10-15 euro
  2. take the bus/trolleybus (see the list below), get on at one of the bus stops highlighted  in blue bold  and get off at one of those highlighted in black bold, then walk to the Observatory (about 10 min). 
  • 168 or 178p.zza Dante - v. Conte di Ruvo - v. Costantinopoli - p.zza Museo - v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi - Amedeo di Savoia- Tondo di Capodimonte - Basilica Incoronata - Via Giardini della Principessa Jolanda (Regresso) - Museo di Capodimonte (Porta Piccola)
  • C63p.zza Dante - v. Conte di Ruvo - v. Costantinopoli - p. Museo - v. S. T. degli Scalzi - A. di Savoia - Tondo di Capodimonte - Basilica Incoronata - Giardini della Principessa Jolanda (Regresso) - v. Capodimonte (Porta Grande) 
  • Dante - v. Toledo - v. Battisti - v. Sanfelice - Bovio - v. Depretis - v. Medina - v. Monteoliveto - v. S. Anna dei Lombardi - p.zza Dante - v. Costantinopoli -Museo Nazionale - v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi - Amedeo di Savoia - Tondo di Capodimonte (Regresso)
  • 3MMann ( Museo Archeologico Nazionale) - v. Costantinopoli – v. Pessina – v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi – Amedeo di Savoia - Catacombe San Gennaro – v. Capodimonte (Regresso) - Museo di Capodimonte (Porta Piccola) 


We reserved blocks of rooms at special prices in a few Hotels/B&Bs (listed below) which are either located near the Conference Venue or downtown near the bus pick up point.

To book one of the hotels listed below, you must send an e-mail specifying  that you will attend the "Stellar evolution" conference, from September 20 to September 23 at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte. 

Please note that September is high season in Naples, hence we strongly advise you to make your reservation as soon as possible. 

View hotels on the map

Hotels in Capodimonte (near OACN)
Villa Capodimonte
Salita Moiariello, 16 - 80131 Napoli
ph +39 081459000
infovillacapodimonte@ - info@
Grand Hotel Capodimonte
Via Capodimonte, 3 - 80131 Napoli
ph +39 0813653494
B&B La Veduta
Salita Moiariello, 13 - 80131 Napoli
ph +39 0810335976
Hotels down town
Culture Hotel Centro Storico
Via Monteoliveto, 15 - 80133 Napoli
ph +39 0815529435
Hotel Principe Napolit'Amo
Via Toledo, 148 - 80133 Napoli
ph +39 0815523626
Hotel Costantinopoli 104
Via S. M. di Costantinopoli, 104 - 80133 Napoli
ph +39 0815571035
Maison Degas Hotel
Calata Trinità Maggiore 53, (presso Piazza del Gesù Nuovo)
interno Palazzo Pignatelli di Monteleone, SCALA B, 3°piano - 80133 Napoli
ph +39 0810608252