AHEAD2020 Open Meeting

Tor Vergata Research Area Rome - Aula Convegni - Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100 - 00133 Rome (Italy)

Tor Vergata Research Area Rome - Aula Convegni - Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100 - 00133 Rome (Italy)

Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100 - 00133 Rome (Italy)

Due to the difficult and uncertain situation associated to the Covid-19 outbreak the AHEAD2020 Executive Committee has decided to cancel the 10-11 March meeting. Tentatively the meeting will be rescheduled to a later date (~end of May TBC), provided the outbreak scenario improves substantially. This webpage will return to be operative when the date of the new meeting is eventually defined. 

The AHEAD2020 project will formally start on March 2, 2020 and will last 4 years. An open meeting of the full AHEAD2020 community will take place in Rome on 2020, March 10th as part of the project KO meeting.
During the event all the scientific tasks of AHEAD2020 and the project organisation and management will be addressed, with presentations by the coordinator and his team and by the workpackage leaders.
At the end of the day there will be limited space for splinter meetings of smaller teams.
We welcome participation by all persons undertaking an active role in the project.

On March 11th a meeting of the AHEAD2020 Consortium Board (ACB) will take place, aimed at consolidating all decisions necessary in order for the project to effectively start.
This meeting will be restricted to the ACB members (total of 38 members), the Executive Committee (AEC) members and the coordinator's team.
Only the 38 ACB members will have voting rights on decisions.


On the same day in parallel to the ACB meeting, a Financial Management Session will take place, open to attendance by all participant's administrative staff and to scientists who are directly involved in the handling of their institute's project budget.  
Please follow this link to register to the financial meeting: 

AHEAD2020 Open Meeting
  • AMATI, Lorenzo
  • AUDARD, Marc
  • BARBERA, Marco
  • BERNIER, Joseph
  • BIANCHI, Stefano
  • BIASOTTI, Michele
  • BOCCHINO, Fabrizio
  • BOURDIN, Hervé
  • BOZZO, Enrico
  • CEBALLOS, M.Teresa
  • COLLON, Max
  • DEN HERDER, jan-willem
  • DONDERO, Paolo
  • ETTORI, Stefano
  • FIORE, Fabrizio
  • FIORETTI, Valentina
  • GATTI, Flavio
  • HANLON, Lorraine
  • KUVVETLI, Irfan
  • LAURENT, Philippe
  • LOMMLER, Jan
  • LOTTI, simone
  • MACCULI, Claudio
  • MAGNANO, elena
  • MAZZOTTA, pasquale
  • NATALUCCI, Lorenzo
  • NICASTRO, Fabrizio
  • O'BRIEN, Paul
  • PHELAN, Kevin
  • PUNTURO, Michele
  • RASIA, Elena
  • REIS, Miguel A.
  • SCHUSSLER, Fabian
  • SCIORTINO, Salvatore
  • SILVA, Rui
  • STAMERRA, Antonio
  • TATISCHEFF, Vincent
  • TOMBESI, Francesco
  • UBERTINI, Pietro
  • UTTLEY, Phil
  • VAN EERTEN, Hendrik
  • VIRGILLI, Enrico
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