Nov 28 – 29, 2019
UTC timezone


(*) Remote presentation
Time Item  Presenter   Presentation title
  Day 1 (28 November)    
9:30 Opening D. Turrini
Toward the ARIEL Red Book
10:00 ARIEL Observations & Performances L. Mugnai ARIEL performance simulations
10:30 Stellar Host J. Maldonado
Towards a comprehensive view of planet formation. The role of the host star's metallicity.
11:00 Coffee Break    
11:30 Circumstellar Disks C. Codella (*)

From protostellar disks to comets in light of the ARIEL mission

12:00 Circumstellar Disks L. Podio (*)

The chemical content of planet-forming disks

12:30 Circumstellar Disks D. Kruijssen (*)
Prevalent externally-driven protoplanetary disc dispersal as a function of the galactic environment
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 Planetary Formation H. Rickman
Stellar clusters - a threat to planetary systems
14:30 Planetary Formation E. Schisano
The effect of protoplanetary disk chemistry on planet composition I: the role of gas
15:00 Planetary Formation D. Turrini
The effect of protoplanetary disk chemistry on planet composition II: the role of planetesimals
15:30 Coffee Break    
16:00 Planetary Formation M. Ikoma
Capture of planetesimals by migrating gas giants
16:30 Planetary Formation A. Vazan (*)
The enrichment of planetary envelopes during planet formation.
17:00 Planetary Formation A. Nikolaou
Magma ocean thermal evolution and simultaneous degassing of secondary atmosphere.
  Day 2 (29 November)    
9:30 Planetary Formation M. Ikoma
Population synthesis models of atmospheric formation of low-mass planets
10:00 Planetary Formation H. Rickman The outskirts of the Solar System
10:30 ARIEL Red Book G. Tinetti The ARIEL Red Book
11:00 Coffee Break    
11:30 Circumstellar Disks O. Panic(*) Building the template protoplanetary disc models
12:00 ARIEL Red Book D. Turrini White paper and writing tasks assignment
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 ARIEL Red Book All Discussion between writing groups
15:30 End of the workshop