Sep 16 – 19, 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

Pre-requisites for the Tutorial

For a useful and fruitful experience of the offered tutorial during the Workshop, we kindly ask to all the partecipants to install the following softwares before arriving in Pula.

This will help to speed up the tutorial and offer a smoother experience to the whole audience.



  • Python 3
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Latest versions of these Python packages:
    • matplotlib
    • sklearn  
    • numpy 
    • scipy
    • astropy
    • pickle 
    • multiprocessing
    • functools
    • random 
    • pandas
    • Tensorflow
    • Keras

These packages could be installed by using pip.

Please note that picklerandom and functools should be part of standard Python library.  Check if these packages are already available using the command import pickle (or random, or functools) in a standard Python shell.

Dataset for the tutorials:

Tue Afternoon session link : Here the required files

Wed morning link:


Facoltative requirements:

For people interested on trying GPUs with Keras+Tensorflow during the Deep Learning session on Tue/17-09 afternoon we provide here a set of instruction to install CUDA libraries and wrapper for Tensorflow+Keras for using GPUs. 

These steps may be complex and problems (due to different versions, drivers, etc.) could arise. We thus suggest to complete this step only if you're an advanced/expert user:

GPU with Tensorflow+Keras: Instruction here