Mar 25 – 27, 2015
Europe/Rome timezone

LMC Standardization Workshop

               LMC Local Monitor and Control Common Framework


This workshop is for members of the SKA TM Consortium and LMC developers of other SKA Elements. Participants need to register to ensure we can cater for the amount of participants. We would like to have the LMC Lead of each SKA Element attend, plus a maximum of 2 LMC developers per SKA Element.

The goal of the meeting is to define the criteria and process for selection of the common LMC platform (technology, framework, approach, method) to be used by all SKA Elements (or at least majority). All Elements will have an opportunity to contribute to definition of the scope, criteria and process for selection and to propose solutions.

During the workshop we can discuss the Elements' requirements and expertise, with a goal to finalise the selection criteria to evaluate the options to identify the best LMC framework for SKA (if possible),  and possibly compile the list of options to be evaluated.

The process to select the LMC Common Framework should be clarified as soon as possible after the March workshop with a view to make the selection by 3rd quarter of 2015.


A proposal for the objectives from the TM Consortium are:

  • Discuss the need for / desirability and scope of of a LMC Common Framework across SKA elements
  • Provide an opportunity for all elements that are mainly software based, especially SDP, CSP and LFAA (and other elements that want to) to present their current ideas and activities with regards framework evaluation, and to put forward their one or two preferred options.
  • Discuss the scope of such an LMC Common Framework
    • standardised protocol
    • standardised communications layer
    • UI framework?, simulator framework?, what else?
  • Discuss Monitoring&Control development concepts, and identify areas for commonalities among LMC teams
  • Discuss additional areas for standardisation/commonality, probably including general purpose software tools and technologies (like deployment, virtualisation, configuration control and others), and hardware (do we want standardization of sensors, buses, servers etc) in addition to LMC common framework
  • Build a community of practice among all SKA LMC developers.