Oct 9 – 12, 2018
Europe/Rome timezone

The J1030 deep survey: an INAF legacy field for AGN

Oct 10, 2018, 5:00 PM


Roberto Gilli (INAF - OAS Bologna )


I will present the status of on-going, deep multi-band observations in the field around the z=6.31 QSO SDSS J1030+0524. These include a large program with Chandra, deep JVLA observations, and a strategic LBT program for optical spectroscopy, all with INAF PI-ship. Additional imaging and spectroscopic coverage is provided among others by HST, VLT/MUSE, Keck and Spitzer data.

The J1030 field is currently the 4th deepest X-ray survey and one of the few deep radio fields observed at ~uJy depth. We are collecting and organizing all multi-band data in a public database that can be effectively exploited by our AGN community.

Some examples of early results from these data will be briefly shown, including i) the discovery of a proto-cluster at z=1.7 around a Compton-thick FRII radio-galaxy and ii) the first spectroscopic confirmation of a few companion galaxies at the redshift of SDSS J1030+0524.

Affiliation INAF - OAS Bologna

Primary author

Roberto Gilli (INAF - OAS Bologna )


the J1030 collaboration

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