Starting in 2025, the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) performed at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory will provide continuous monitoring of the entire southern sky in six bands for ten years. Tens of millions of AGN will be observed, allowing for robust statistical studies of the properties of AGN and of their supermassive black hole engines up to high redshift. 

Because of the forthcoming start of the Survey, the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Rubin-LSST AGN Science Collaboration will have a strategic importance for the planning of the scientific activities and to promote collaborations among its members.

We intend to schedule a series of presentations connected to AGN science with Rubin-LSST, as well as more technical talks about the status of the Project and of the AGN Science Collaboration and its subgroups. Ample space will be given to discussions.

To provide outreach to the AGN community, the talks will be video recorded. 

This meeting is part of the activities of the LSST AGN Science Collaboration - see for more information.

Pino Torinese (Turin)
Planetario di Torino “Attilio Ferrari”
Via Osservatorio, 30
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