We are pleased to announce the "Unveiling the interiors of the stars to grasp stellar populations" Conference to be held in Cefalù, Sicily (Italy), from September 23 to 27, 2024.

In recent decades, advancements in stellar evolution modeling, facilitated by high-performance computers, have allowed scientists to explore the evolution of stars beyond main sequence and giant stages. Understanding physical mechanisms like convection, opacities, and mass loss has paved the way for extending these models to various astronomical fields, including Galactic Archaeology and modern Asteroseismology. This conference aims to gather experts to discuss recent developments in star evolution studies, emphasizing the synergy between understanding stellar interiors, oscillation properties, and populations. The role of stellar models and data from space missions like Kepler, Tess, Gaia, and Plato will be central to the discussions.

This Conference is organized in the memory of Prof. Italo Mazzitelli, who sadly passed away in March 2023. We are delighted and honored to have witnessed of his valuable contribution to this field. 

Gael Buldgen (Switzerland)
Vittorio Canuto (USA) 
Santi Cassisi (Italy)
Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard (Denmark) 
Sergio Cristallo (Italy)
Petri Kapyla (Germany)
Friedrich Kupka (Austria) 
Yan Li (China)
Andrea Miglio (Italy)
Antonino Milone (Italy) 
Josefina Montalban (Italy)
Christina Rodriguez-Lopez (Spain)
Marc Pinsonneault (USA)
Sofia Randich (Italy)
Maurizio Salaris (United Kingdom)
Aldo Serenelli (Spain)
Emanuele Spitoni (Italy)

Omar Benvenuto (Universidad National de La Plata)
Luciano Burderi (INAF- Osservatorio di Palermo)
Tiziana Di Salvo (Università di Palermo)
Maria Pia Di Mauro (INAF - IAPS)
Devika Kamath (Macquarie University - Sydney)
Friedrich Kupka (University of Applied Sciences,Technikum - Wien)
Francesca Matteucci (Università di Trieste - Italy)

Marcella Marconi (INAF-Osservatorio di Capodimonte) 
Paolo Ventura (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma - Co-chair)
Achim Weiss (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics - Co-chair)

Luciano Burderi (INAF- Osservatorio di Palermo)
Flavia Dell'Agli (INAF- Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma - Chair)
Tiziana Di Salvo (Università di Palermo)
Giacomo Fazio (INAF- IASF)
Claudio Gavetti (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Francesca Mangano (INAF- IASF)
Paola Oliveri (INAF- IASF)
Marco Tailo (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova)





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