Sep 11 – 14, 2023
Europe/Rome timezone

The early phases of stellar and planetary formation are very much important for the  chemical evolution of gas, ice and dust that will eventually build up the bulk and atmospheric composition of planets. A key question in modern astrophysics is whether the chemical composition of planets, asteroids and comets is inherited from the pre-stellar phase or whether there is a chemical reset during the formation and evolution of the protoplanetary disk. A synergic approach is needed to answer this question. We invite researchers working in different areas of astrochemistry to join and discuss together recent developments and future perspectives at the second Italian National Congress on Proto(-planetary) Astrochemistry.
The main objective of the workshop is to investigate and promote synergic strategies among the different communities working on the early evolutionary phases of star and planet formation, planetary atmospheres, Solar System exploration and laboratory and computational astrochemistry, with the ultimate goal of preparing the community to future observations with e.g. SKA, ELT and ARIEL. Different topics will be covered during the meeting, including:

  • chemical composition of the ISM 
  • chemical characterization of protostars
  • gas, dust and ice composition of protoplanetary disks
  • formation and chemical composition of small bodies, rocky, ice and giant planets of the Solar System
  • laboratory and computational astrochemistry
  • atmospheric characterization of exoplanets

During the meeting we will have discussion sessions on synergies between the different topics as well on future ground- and space-based facilities. 



Relatori Invitati

S. Viti, Leiden University 
L. Colzi, Spanish National Research Council, Centro de Astrobiología 
D. Campisi, University of Stuttgart 
S. Ioppolo, AArhus University 
E. Bianchi, Excellence Cluster, ORIGINS 
G. Perotti, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy  
G. Poggiali, LESIA Observatoire de Paris 
R. Brunetto, IAS Orsay 
G. Guilluy, INAF Torino 
D. Modirrousta-Galian, Yale University 

Comitato Scientifico Organizzativo

S. Ivanovski,  INAF/OATs, Co-chair 
D. Fedele,  INAF/OAA - Co-chair 
L. Podio, INAF/OAA 
C. Codella, INAF/OAA 
M. Fulle, INAF/OATs  
P. Simonetti, INAF/OATs 
M. Ciarniello, INAF/IAPS Roma 
D. Fulvio, INAF/OAN 
G. Micela, INAF/OAPa  
D. Perna, INAF/OAR 
M. Brogi, Università degli Studi di Torino 
N. Balucani, Università degli Studi di Perugia 

Comitato Organizzativo Locale

F. Gasparo, INAF/OATs 
F. Di Giacomo, INAF/OAPd 
G. Schulaz, INAF/OATs 
L. Biasiotti, INAF/OATs 
S. Ivanovski,  INAF/OATs 
M. Fulle, INAF/OATs  
D. Fedele, INAF/OAA