Feb 1 – 3, 2023
Auditorium Nazionale INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
Europe/Rome timezone



The meeting will take place in the auditorium of the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Naples 

Naples can be easily reached by plane (see here for a list of airlines reaching Naples) railway (it is connected with Rome or Milan by high speed trains). Both the airport and the railway stations are close to the Observatory (10-15 minutes by car).

How to reach the Observatory:

The address of the Observatory is the following:
INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte,
Salita Moiariello 16 - 80131, Napoli.
Tel. +39-081-5575-111
Fax +39-081-5575-433

From the airport:

The best choice is to take a taxi (15-20 min). The typical costs are of 15-20 euros (more on Sunday).

From the main railway station (Napoli Centrale):

Take a taxi (about 10-15 euros) or get the underground Linea 2 (from "Stazione Piazza Garibaldi" just under the Napoli Centrale) Stop: Piazza Cavour;
After getting off, take the foot tunnel to Museo Archeologico, then exit.

Take one of the buses/trolleybuses listed below, get on at the bus stop highlighted  in blue bold  and get off at one of those highlighted in black bold, then walk to the Observatory (about 10 min). 

  • 168 or 178p.zza Museo - v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi - c.so Amedeo di Savoia- Tondo di Capodimonte - Basilica Incoronata - Via Giardini della Principessa Jolanda (Regresso) - Museo di Capodimonte (Porta Piccola)
  • C63p.zza Museo - v. S. T. degli Scalzi - c.so A. di Savoia - Tondo di Capodimonte - Basilica Incoronata - Giardini della Principessa Jolanda (Regresso) - v. Capodimonte (Porta Grande) 
  • 204Museo Nazionale - v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi - c.so Amedeo di Savoia - Tondo di Capodimonte (Regresso)
  • 3MMuseo Nazionale) – v. S. Teresa degli Scalzi – c.so Amedeo di Savoia - Catacombe San Gennaro – v. Capodimonte (Regresso) - Museo di Capodimonte (Porta Piccola

By car:

Take the Naples bypass (Tangenziale) in the direction of Pozzuoli - Capodimonte 5 exit. Follow on for Via Capodimonte and, at the turnabout, go on for another kilometer until you reach an intersection. Turn right on Via Capodimonte and after 200 meters turn right again on Via S.Antonio. Stay to your left and continue up to the Salita Moiariello. After 100 meters, you will arrive at the Observatory.