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Christmas Lecture Bologna Campus

Centro Congressi CNR

Centro Congressi CNR

Via Gobetti 101, Bologna

Speaker: Dr. Catherine Cesarsky, Laboratoire AIM/Département d’astrophysique, CEA/Irfu, Universite Paris Saclay, France; High level Science Advisor at CEA, and former director general at ESO and former president of the IAU.

For more info see  https://www.eso.org/public/about-eso/dg-office/ccesarsk/

Title: The universe at hand

Abstract: Astronomers are excellent at taking advantage of new developments to increase their power of observation of the universe and its constituents. Often through international collaborations, they have been deploying mighty observatories and detectors of all kind on ground and in space. In parallel, they developed their skill at dealing with large amounts of data and of building numerical models to mimic natural phenomena. As a result, this is a time of extraordinary progress in our understanding of the cosmos, packed with new discoveries. I will illustrate the resulting revolution of knowledge with various examples, from extra solar planets and stars to galaxies and black holes and to the evolution of the universe as a whole.

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