The mechanics of Heron and his copies Missing sheets or multiplicity of interests?

Sep 8, 2020, 10:40 AM
sisfa 2020 Erone e Leonardo


Dr Ferriello, Giuseppina (sisfa)


The transmission of Hero’s Mechanics through Persian manuscripts is a recent line of studies that was opened in the nineties by the random discovery of a manuscript brought from Isfahan to Paris by Francois Pétis de la Croix , emissary of Louis XIV.
The copies attest to the continuity of the diffusion of the text, that has application as well as cognitive purposes; however, a reading of the work in historical key is still neglected and the text is crystallized and subjected to episodic interpretations .
The intervention concerns the some results of a methodological experimentation that uses lexical and iconic language, allows to identify the chronology and allows to formulate hypotheses on possible interests of the users.

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