May 4 – 8, 2020
Virtual Meeting
UTC timezone

A virtual IVOA Interoperability Meeting will take place online from May 4 to May 8.

Meeting has now finished. Refer to the Programme  for potential follow up sessions.

We will not attempt to reproduce the cancelled in-person meeting, but will focus on important topics that require discussion.

The meeting format will be via a shared remote service, and there will be mechanisms in place for commenting on presentations and continuing discussions. We will also keep and post notes from each session. Plans are to keep presentations short and save most of the time for your input and discussion.

Schedule timing (also see the Programme) will see:

  • Monday May 4 12:00 UTC: opening session (~2 hours)
  • Tuesday to Friday (May 5 to 8, again consider UTC timing)
    • 3 session blocks, 2.5 hours each, including 2 topics and a 30' break at
      • 4:30-7:00 UTC
      • 13:30-16:00 UTC
      • 20:30-23:00 UTC

The IVOA May 2020 Virtual Interoperability Meeting Programme is available here: Virtual Interop 2020 Programme Page

Voting topics while registering has been closed (on 12:00 UTC Friday May 1st). This deadline does not prevent further registrations or attendance, only limits voting to have time to prepare the schedule. You can still see the list of topics in the registration form and you can use it to state your interest for possible near future use.

Topics of Interop Special Interests:

  • Automatic builds of IVOA documents (using VOTable example)
  • Lifecycle of making a document change in the IVOA repository (VOtable example)
  • What can the IVOA provide towards the standardization of Science Platforms?
  • How to organize python libraries for accessing cosmological simulations?
  • DataLink - resolving current issues
  • Let's figure out how to implement the MAST Tesscut service as a standards-compliant SODA service
  • Review and discussion of VOTable status (document in github with a set of issues)
  • Declaration of complex interfaces (a.k.a. caproles, TAPRegExt 1.1, perhaps ComplexDALRegExt?)
  • Single Sign On: towards a new standard for applications and services to easily access private data
  • Object Visibility SAP & Observation Locator TAP
  • Blockchain protocol of Non-Fungible Tokens
  • A Python based TAP Server at Caltech/IPAC-NExScI
  • FAIR Data Maturity Model (RDA WG) discussion in IVOA
  • Cone-Search status and discussion
Virtual Meeting

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