May 20 – 23, 2019
Asiago (VI)
Europe/Rome timezone


The main purpose of the conference (just as the previous two in Naples, 2013 and Russia, 2016) is discussions between observers and theorists on the current understanding of the origin and evolution of the angular momentum decoupling in galaxies ("multi-spin galaxies" V. Rubin, 1994). Recent IAU Focus Meeting on Angular momentum in galaxies held in Vienna 2018 has pointed out the paramount importance of the Angular Momentum in shaping both morphology and structure in galaxies. The recent new availability of data from IFU surveys (MANGA, SAMI, GASP etc..) has greatly powered and enlarged the sample of great pulse to the study of the stellar populations in galaxies with multiple dynamical components.  In the last years large extragalactic surveys have produced a great deal of data that are now giving us a more clear picture of the mechanisms of formation and evolution of galaxies. In this context it is time to discuss and compare theoretical models and observations on the ground of the very large database now available not only for multi spin galaxies but also for all kinds of objects that are undergoing some kind of interaction.




The conference will focus on the following main topics:  

  • morphology, photometry, Star formation and stellar population of inclined and host rings/disks in multi-spin systems;
  •  gas and stars kinematics and dynamics of multi-spin systems;
  •  The Milky Way as a multi-spin galaxy
  •  the role of environment in the formation and evolution of multi-spin galaxies;
  •  low surface brightness features: dwarf, tidal tails, and debris, filamentary accretion;
  •  properties of colliding/interacting galaxies as a function of redshift.
  •  High z multi-spin systems
  •  Warp structure & dynamics
  • Constraints on dark halos using extraplanar disks
  •  Formation and evolution of inclined rings/disks

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Daniela Bettoni (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico Padova)
Alessandro Pizzella (UNIPD-DFA)
Lodovico Coccato (ESO, Garching)
Francoise Combes (Observatoire Paris, Francia)   
Enrichetta Iodice (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico Napoli)
Michael Merrifield (School of Physics & Astronomy,University of Nottingham)
Alexei Moiseev (Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia)
Lorenzo Morelli (Universidad de Atacama, Copiapo, Chile)
Sebastian Sanchez (IA-UNAM, Mexico)
Davor Krajnovic(AIP, Germany)

Invited & Review Speakers:

Adriana De Lorenzo Cáceres
Evelyn Johnston
Gyula Jozsa
Davor Krajnovic
Alexei Moiseev
Thorsten Naab
Marilena Spavone

Local Organizing Committee:

Daniela Bettoni, Roberto Rampazzo, Sabrina Carraro, Serena Cecconato, Serena Pastore, Anna Bologna, Michela Rubino

For informations, please e-mail to:

INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

Comune di Asiago



Asiago (VI)
Sala Millepini

LOC: Daniela Bettoni, Roberto Rampazzo, Sabrina Carraro, Serena Pastore, Anna Bologna, Michela Rubino

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