3-5 December 2018
Europe/Rome timezone
Presentations available on the 'detailed view' of the timetable page - click on the paperclips

Scientific Program

The final programme of the workshop can be found under the item "Timetable".

Time allocation:

  • invited talks: 25 min, including 5 min for questions or 20 min, including 3 min for questions
  • joint invited talks: 30 minutes, including 5 min for questions
  • contributed talks: 15 min, including 3 min for questions
  • joint contributed talks: 20 min, including 3 min for questions

Given the tight schedule, we are planning to connect a single laptop to the projector. Presentations in pdf and ppt format will be supported. Each speaker will be kindly requested to upload their presentation in advance of their talk.

Poster format: A0

Below the list of topics covered, including invited speakers:

  • The SKA Project

    Invited Speakers:
    Robert Braun (SKAO)
    Andrea Ferrara (SNS)
    Federica Govoni (INAF-OACa)
    Isabella Prandoni (INAF-IRA)
    Filippo Zerbi (INAF HQ)

  • Science with SKA Precursors and Pathfinders

    Invited Speakers (preliminary list)
    Annalisa Bonafede (Univ. Bologna)
    Marco Bondi (INAF-IRA)
    Marta Burgay (INAF-OACa)
    Andrei Mesinger (SNS)
    Paolo Serra (INAF-OACa)
    Leonardo Testi (ESO)
    Grazia Umana (INAF-OACt) - TBD
    Filomena Bufano (INAF-OACt) - TBD
    Tiziana Venturi (INAF-IRA)

  • SKA-related technology and HPC activities in Italy

    Invited Speakers:
    Ugo Becciani (INAF-OACt)
    Gianni Comoretto (INAF-OAA)
    Davide Fierro (INAF HQ)
    Miles Deegan (SKAO)
    Mauro Dolci (INAF-OATe)
    Jader Monari (INAF-IRA)
    Alessandro Navarrini (INAF-OACa)
    Andrea Possenti (INAF-OACa)
    Riccardo Smareglia (INAF-OATs)
    Luca Stringhetti (SKAO)
    Giuliano Taffoni (INAF-OATs)
    Corrado Trigilio (INAF-OACt)

  • Synergies between SKA and other facilities

    Invited Speakers:
    Maria Teresa Botticella (INAF-OANa)
    Sergio Molinari (INAF-IAPS)
    Eliana Palazzi (INAF-OAS)
    Francesca Panessa (INAF-IAPS)
    Laura Pentericci (INAF-OARoma)
    Roberto Scaramella (INAF-OARoma)
    Franco Vazza (Univ. Bologna)
    Stefano Vercellone (INAF-OAMi)
    Matteo Viel (SISSA)

  • Outreach SKA-related activities