Dec 3 – 5, 2018
Europe/Rome timezone
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 The UTG-II Radioastronomia and the Italian SKA Board invite the astrophysical community to attend the “The II National Workshop of SKA science and technology”, that will be held in Bologna (Area della Ricerca - CNR) on 3-5 December 2018.

Workshop description and aims

The SKA (Square Kilometer Array), currently under design and development, is the next generation radio observatory, and one of the most ambitious astrophysical projects for the 2020s. In its first phase (SKA1) it will consist of two telescopes, one comprised of dishes operating at mid frequencies (350 MHz-15 GHz; SKA1-MID) and located in South-Africa, and the other comprised of Log-Periodic antennas operating at low radio frequencies (50-350 MHz; SKA1-LOW) which will be located in Australia. SKA will be equipped with advanced technologies for receivers, signal and data transport, science data processing and computational facilities. Its development and construction will have major impact on technological and HPC advances and a strong industrial return.

Italy is one of the founding countries of the SKA Organization (SKAO), an independent structure established in 2011 to organize and coordinate the design phase. Italy is currently coordinating the negotiations towards the establishment of an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO)– similar to CERN and ESO – that will lead towards the construction phase of the telescope.

Following the first SKA National Conference organized in 2012, this workshop will bring together the astrophysical community in a more mature phase of the SKA project. All Italy-based researchers who have interest in SKA-related science and technology (including HPC) are welcome to join, as well as all interested industrial players.

The main aim of the workshop is to review the scientific, technological and industrial activities in progress in Italy in the framework of the SKA project, and to involve the astrophysical community at large in tracing an Italian roadmap towards the SKA. Particular attention will be given to exploring possible synergies between SKA and other scientific and technological projects relevant to INAF, through a dedicated Session (organized in close collaboration with UTG-I and UTG-III).

Scientific Program

The program of the conference is now available. See 'Timetable' (on the left) for the schedule and 'Scientific Programme' for instructions to speakers and poster presenters.


The abstract submission call and the registration are now closed.

SOC: I. Prandoni (chair), G. Bernardi, G. Brunetti, R. Cassano, G. Comoretto, D. Fierro, F. Govoni, J. Monari, A. Navarrini, A. Possenti, R. Smareglia, C. Trigilio, G. Umana. In collaboration with Adriano Fontana (UTG-I) and Massimo Cappi (UTG-III)

LOC: R. Cassano (co-chair), I. Prandoni (co-chair), G. Bernardi, G. Brunetti, J. Monari, M. Nanni, M. Stagni

News: The Programme of the workshop is now available. See 'Timetable' (on the left) for the schedule and 'Scientific Programme' for instructions to speakers and poster presenters.

News: The Abstract Booklet is now available (see attachment below or menu on the left ).

Area della Ricerca di Bologna, via P. Gobetti, 101