Partecipazione Italiana a LSST

INAF Monte Mario

INAF Monte Mario

    • 1
      Galactic and Local Group archaeology with LSST
    • 2
      Il Sistema Solare visto da LSST
      Speaker: E Mazzotta Epifani
    • 3
      LSST-Gaia synergy for Galactic archeology
    • 4
      High-z galaxies and AGNs: approaching the Reionization epoch with LSST
      Speaker: A Grazian
    • 5
      Galaxy evolution in the last 10 Gyrs with LSST
      Speaker: N Napolitano
    • 6
      LSST in the era of 2G gravitational wave detectors
      Speaker: G Stratta
    • 7
      Stellar variability with LSST: from the Galactic center to the outskirts of the Local Group