Oct 23 – 26, 2023
Istituto Euro-Mediterraneo di Scienza e Tecnologia
UTC timezone
Massive stars end their lives with supernova explosions, some of them being associated with collimated gamma-ray bursts.
Core-collapse explosions always show signatures of anisotropies, ranging from small perturbations in the velocity/density/chemical composition of the ejecta, up to massive and energetic structures. The study of anisotropies can shed light on the physical processes involved in the explosion mechanism and on the structure of the progenitor star.
A proper study of these complex physical systems requires a multi-wavelength approach and a tight link between data analysis and theoretical modeling, as well as the need to exploit the diagnostic power of multi-messenger astronomy.
The final aim of this meeting is gathering people from different fields, to present the most recent results and discoveries. Ample time will be given to discussions to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and contribute to the creation of new connections and fruitful collaborations.

The number of participants is limited to 50 persons. 

No registration fee is required.

Istituto Euro-Mediterraneo di Scienza e Tecnologia
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