Rehearsing validation and verification procedures on simulated data

With Euclid’s launch approaching, the need to concentrate in a coordinated way on the analysis of early data is growing. This program brings together a group of scientists that are involved in the Galaxy Clustering Science Working Group of Euclid Consortium, specifically in the Observational Systematics Work Package, and in the Science Ground Segment. During the meeting simulated data will be used to rehearse the validation and verification analysis procedures, conceived during the IFPU Focus Week of September 2022. The activity is mostly dedicated to hand-on work and tutorials, with some space for discussing pre-launch papers.

IFPU, Room 205
Via Beirut, 2, 34151 Trieste TS
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This conference is organized as a "Focus Week" at the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe. More details on the Institute and its activities are found here:
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