On the Proposition LXVI, Book I, Principia Newton Geneva Edition

Sep 9, 2020, 11:20 AM
sisfa 2020 Da Newton a Maxwell


Dr Bussotti, Paolo (DIUM, Udine University, Italy)


The Proposition LXVI (Book I, Newton’s Principia) with its 22 corollaries is the longest proposition of Newton’s masterpiece. It faces the three bodies-problem. This problem cannot be solved in general terms; Newton by few qualitative indications solved it in specific cases. Based on previous and current research on Newton’s Geneva Edition ([1739-1742]1822), we remark that Geneva Edition's editors, Le Seur and Jacquier, explained Newton’s approach to this famous problem. They added an interesting series of footnotes to clarify Newton’s procedures. In our talk we will 1) explain the meaning and the most important features of this Prop./corollaries; 2) analyse the structures of their footnotes in the range of this Prop., and as a case study.

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Dr Bussotti, Paolo (DIUM, Udine University, Italy)

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