11 March 2020
Tor Vergata Research Area, Rome - IB09 Room
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 11 March, 09:30-16:00

AHEAD2020 CONSORTIUM BOARD (attendance restricted to ACB members)
Meeting Room IB09

09:30 Introduction & Agenda (LP)
/AHEAD2020 Decision Bodies/Role and duties of the ACB

10:00 Scientific Management (LN)
/AHEAD2020 Organisational chart/
Managing milestones and deliverables/Rules for networking activities & TNA/
Web tools: EU Participant Portal and AHEAD2020 website/
Dissemination & publication of the results

10:30 AHEAD2020 Financial Management (AHEAD_PO)
AHEAD2020 Project Management Office/Roles and responsibilities/Payment milestones/Reporting


11:30-16:00 Financial Management (Open parallel session)

11:30 Appointment of the Board Chair (LP/All)

12:00 Endorsement of the SAC as proposed by the AEC (All)

12:30 *LUNCH

14:00 Formal endorsement of the AHEAD2020 Executive Committee (AEC)
& AHEAD2020 Management Team (AMT) (All)

14:30 Amendments (AHEAD_PO)

15:00 Summary of Actions & Board Decisions/AOB (LN)