Oct 8 – 10, 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

Traversable Casimir Wormholes

Oct 10, 2019, 9:00 AM


Monday, 23 Sept. * Aula Magna, Dip. di Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi, Via Accademia Albertina, 13 * Tuesday, 24 Sept.- Wednesday, 25 Sept. * Aula Magna, Palazzo del Rettorato, Via Verdi, 8 * @Università degli Studi di Torino


Remo Garattini (Università degli Studi di Bergamo)


Traversable Wormholes are a prediction of General Relativity. After the discovery of the Gravitational Wave signals detected in 2015, Traversable Wormholes have had another renaissance, because they can be considered as Black Hole Mimickers.
In this talk we give a pedagogical introduction and we present some theoretical aspects at classical and semiclassical level, namely when the source has quantum mechanical origin. A brief description of a Self-Sustained Traversable Wormhole, namely a Traversable Wormhole ehich is sustained by its own quantum fluctuations is also presented.

Primary author

Remo Garattini (Università degli Studi di Bergamo)

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