Sep 10 – 11, 2019
Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
UTC timezone

The purpose of this meeting is to launch the pilot demonstration project of a South African - European federated cloud to support collaboration on SKA Pathfinder data intensive large programs between South African and European research teams.  Scientific and technical teams have been working on preparatory documents articulating science use cases and the technical issues and solutions for the federated cloud. This meeting will pull this information together and build the project structure, plans and timeline for the pilot.   

  1. Reports on relevant activities at each potential collaborating institution

  2. Discussion of collaborative science projects/programs we wish to work on together in the Federated environment and the people involved.  This can be related to collaboration on MeerKAT LSPs as well as other data intensive SKA pathfinder projects/programs e.g. LOFAR.

  3. Identify functionality for the federated cloud to support the science programs to inform the technical specifications.

  4. develop an agreed detailed technical plan and implementation roadmap

  5. detail the collaboration on the technical development, who works on what and what gets implemented where?

  6. discuss resource issues and potential funding sources and opportunities, 

  7. Define the project governance and management structure and any agreements or understandings that need to be set up.



  • Alessandro Costa

  • Tiziana Ferrari

  • Mauro Nanni

  • Andrea Possenti

  • Rob Simmonds

  • Riccardo Smareglia

  • Giuliano Taffoni

  • Russ Taylor

  • Grazia Umana


  • Giancarlo Bellassai

  • Salvatore Buttaccio

  • Francesco Cavallaro

  • Alessandro Costa

  • Adriano Ingallinera

  • Teresa Chiara Pulvirenti

  • Simone Riggi

  • Eva Sciacca

  • Fabio Vitello

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Via Santa Sofia, 78 95123 Catania