17-19 June 2019
UTC timezone

LOFAR-IT: the computing infrastructure

19 Jun 2019, 16:15


viale del Parco Mellini - Rome


Ugo Becciani


On March 2018, INAF approved the participation to the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) and the organization of a LOFAR-IT Consortium leaded by INAF with the participation of University of Turin (Department of Phyiscs: DP-UniTO) The consortium is aiming at coordinating at Italian level the participation to ILT.
A Board of the LOFAR-IT project has been established to manage the whole participation of INAF to ILT. INAF will contribute to the development of LOFAR2.0 with an agreement with AstroTec to provide a LOFAR2.0 station in 2021- 22.
INAF and the LOFAR-IT Consortium have also decided to create an e-infrastructure for the reduction/analysis of LOFAR data mainly for the Italian Astronomers..
In this talk we will present the main characteristics of the LOFAR-IT e-infrastructure, the harmonization with other INAF National Infrastructure, including archive infrastructure and the future development of the facilities . We will finally discuss the activities and studies we are doing on the LOFAR pipelines to study the computational and storage needs of the Italian community that are driving the implementation of the e-Infrastucture.

Primary author

Ugo Becciani

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