Joint OU-LE3/SWG Euclid Meeting on Clusters of Galaxies

Giambiagi Lecture Hall (ICTP)

Giambiagi Lecture Hall


Adriatico Guesthouse Via Grignano 9, Trieste
Scheduled for launch in 2020, the Euclid mission will survey the entire extragalactic sky in the optical and near infrared (NIR) with a central goal of constraining cosmology through observations of large-scale structure. This workshop is dedicated to the preparation for the construction and cosmological analysis of the Euclid galaxy cluster catalog. The Euclid survey will produce a catalog estimated to contain of order 100,000 clusters extending out to redshifts well beyond unity. The meeting aims to bring together experts working on cluster detection and cosmological analysis to discuss methodology, compare codes and to reflect on the context of cluster cosmology in the Euclid era. This will be a small, dedicated workshop of 40-50 participants with ample time for informal discussion in addition to presentations.
  • Alex Saro
  • Alfonso Veropalumbo
  • Anastasio Diaz-Sanchez
  • Andrea Biviano
  • Austin Peel
  • barbara sartoris
  • Begoña Ascaso
  • Bruno Altieri
  • Carlo Giocoli
  • Carolina Parroni
  • Charles Kirkpatriick
  • Christophe BENOIST
  • Emiliano Munari
  • Enzo Branchini
  • Fabio Bellagamba
  • Federico Marulli
  • Florence Durret
  • Florian Sarron
  • Francisco Javier Castander
  • Gabriella De Lucia
  • Gary Mamon
  • Gaël Noirot
  • Gianluca Castignani
  • Hans Boehringer
  • James Bartlett
  • Jean-Baptiste Melin
  • Jochen Weller
  • Juan Francisco Macias Perez
  • Lauro Moscardini
  • Mario Nonino
  • Marisa Girardi
  • Martin VANNIER
  • Massimo Meneghetti
  • Matteo Costanzi Alunno Cerbolini
  • Matteo Maturi
  • Mauro Roncarelli
  • Mauro Sereno
  • Monique ARNAUD
  • Peter Eisenhardt
  • Roser Pello
  • Rémi Adam
  • sandro bardelli
  • Sophie Maurogordato
  • Stefania Amodeo
  • Stefano Andreon
  • Stefano Borgani
  • Stefano Ettori
  • ziad sakr