Jan 17 – 18, 2024
Bologna, OAS
Europe/Rome timezone


GaiaNIR: NEXT  GENERATION ASTROMETRIC MISSION. Gathering the interest of the Italian Community


The proposal  of a new astrometric space mission, GaiaNIR, was submitted to ESA in response to the  call for Voyage 2050 and was recommended by the Senior Committee.

Built on the  Gaia principles, GaiaNIR is an astrometric mission in the near IR, to be launched around 2045.

The main goals are to explore the previously inaccessible components of the Galaxy, obscured by dust, in the near-IR and to achieve a significant improvement in parallaxes and, most importantly, in proper motions by combining Gaia's epochs with new observations over a 20-year period. Finally, this will ensure a revision of the Gaia reference frame

A description of GaiaNIR can be found at:


More information about the project can be found at:


The discussion about the on-board instruments  is on-going. Several options are under discussion: disperse photometry, low/medium resolution spectroscopy.

The goal of the meeting is to gather the interest of the Italian community on this project,  submitting science cases, discussing the  requirements for the on-board instruments (photometry, infrared spectroscopy, resolution,  spectral range). 


The meeting will be held at the INAF Osservatorio di Astrofisica e Scienza dello Spazio in Bologna (Sala Sollima, 4th floor - take the elevator and the right-hand corridor) on January 17-18, 2024

Address: via Piero Gobetti 93/3 (close to the CNR area).

Remote attendance

The meeting sessions will be broadcasted, and a Slack  channel will be open for comments/questions. The following link can be used for remote connection:  https://meet.google.com/xeg-xbgd-izc

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Confirmed speakers

  • D. Hobbs
  • L. Prisinzano
  • G. Sacco
  • M. Guarcello
  • M. Marconi
  • A. Sozzetti
  • M. Bellazzini
  • A. Bonomo
  • V. Nascimbeni
  • G. Bono
  • R. Drimmel
  • L. Magrini
  • D. Busonero
  • D. Massari
  • F. Annibali
  • G. Clementini
  • M.T. Crosta

When registering, please indicate if you think you will be participating in person or on-line


Registration is now open. There is no registration fee.

Dead-line for abstract submission:  23 December, 2023

Dead-line for  registration (in person attendance): 23 Decembre, 2023

Dead-line for registration (on-line attendance): 15 January, 2023

Organizing committee


  • Antonella Vallenari (INAF, Padova)
  • Angela Bragaglia (INAF, Bologna)
  • Mario Lattanzi (INAF, Torino)
  • Tatiana Muraveva (INAF, Bologna)
  • Loredana Prisinzano (INAF, Palermo)
  • Paola Re Fiorentin (INAF, Torino)
  • Alessandro Sozzetti (INAF, Torino)



  • Angela Bragaglia (INAF, Bologna)
  • Alessia Garofalo (INAF, Bologna)
  • Rosanna Sordo (INAF, Padova)






Bologna, OAS
Via Piero Gobetti, 93/3, 40129 Bologna BO