Due to the known events regarding the COVID-19 situation, the conference dates have been moved to: 24-29 May 2021. All the other conference details are unchanged.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

This meeting will focus on the great contributions of INTEGRAL to our knowledge of the high-energy sky. Despite the significant results already obtained during the mission, many fundamental physics questions remain unanswered, while exciting new scientific challenges have recently emerged. This changing observational landscape calls for further and deeper observations of the X- and Gamma-ray sky.  

In this meeting we plan to review the most significant results obtained in 18 years of operation and lay out the new scientific goals achievable by exploiting INTEGRAL’s heritage and capabilities. Particular emphasis will be given to INTEGRAL’s contributions to multi-messenger and transient astronomy.

During the Symposium a scientist (younger than thirty-five years old as of July 31, 2020) will be awarded the “Mikhail Revnivtsev Prize”, a distinction established in honour of the renowned high-energy astrophysicist.

The main scientific issues to be addressed are:

  • Surveys from hard X-rays to soft X-rays (special focus by R. Sunyaev on eRosita on SXG )
  • Multi-messenger and time domain astronomy
  • Extragalactic astronomy
  • Galactic astronomy
  • Gamma-ray lines
  • From INTEGRAL to the next generation of X/Gamma-ray facilities: heritage and future