JWST Italian proposal preparation workshop

INAF - Astrophysics and Space science Observatory (OAS)

INAF - Astrophysics and Space science Observatory (OAS)

Via Piero Gobetti, 93/3, 40129 Bologna
Francesca Annibali (INAF - OAS), Simone Ieva (INAF - Osservatorio astronomico di Roma)

The call for proposals for Cycle 1 of the James Webb Space Telescope will open on January 23rd 2020, with a submission deadline on May 27, 2020. In order to prepare the Italian community to the proposal submission process, we kindly invite you to a workshop intended to train the scientific community on the capabilities of JWST instruments, proposal and planning tools, and help familiarize with them. The workshop will be structured into general presentations and hands-on sessions, during which the participants will be trained to the proposal preparation by directly practicing with the available tools. 

The workshop was supposed to be held in Bologna, at the Astrophysics and Space science Observatory (OAS), as part of a series of workshops organized across Europe and coordinated by ESA. 

Due to the recent outbreak of Co-Vid19 in compliance with government regulations, the workshop has been postponed to 6 - 8 April 2020, and will be hosted remotely. 

In the weeks prior to the event we will send batches of videos regarding the general presentations and few assignments to be completed before the workshop take place. 

During the workshop we will have Q&A sessions to answer questions regarding instrumentation, observing modes.  At the same time, we will open a Slack channel (https://slack.com/) to adress general problems and issues encountered during the hands-on.

Other sessions will focus on several hands-on, selected according to the community preferences (ETC, APT, Imaging, Slit Spectroscopy, MOS). Hands-on will be executed in real time by one of the organizers. Attendees of the workshop are invited to repeat them, live or after the session. 


The workshop will take place on a web streaming platform, ideally WebEx. All of the participants to the original workshop are welcome to partecipate. Others interested in following the workshop are invited to contact Francesca Annibali and Simone Ieva (francesca.annibali@inaf.it or simone.ieva@inaf.it).



The Organizing Committee

Francesca Annibali

Torsten Boeker

Adriano Fontana

Simone Ieva

Laura Pentericci

Marco Sirianni

Monica Tosi



  • Andrea Grazian
  • Angela Bongiorno
  • Antonello Calabro'
  • Antonio Pensabene
  • Barbara Balmaverde
  • Brunella Nisini
  • Carlo Giocoli
  • Carlotta Gruppioni
  • chiara mancini
  • Cristiano Fanelli
  • Elena Mazzotta Epifani
  • Emanuele Dalessandro
  • Emiliano Merlin
  • Eros Vanzella
  • Federica Sassano
  • Filippo D'Ammando
  • Flavia Dell'Agli
  • Francesco Salvestrini
  • Giustina Vietri
  • Grazia Maria Gloria Umana
  • Ivano Baronchelli
  • Juan Antonio Fernández Ontiveros
  • Laura Affer
  • Laura Bisigello
  • Laura Morselli
  • Lucia Rodriguez Muñoz
  • Marcella Di Criscienzo
  • Marco Castellano
  • Margherita Talia
  • Marika Giulietti
  • Mario Giuseppe Guarcello
  • Matilde Mingozzi
  • Michael Romano
  • Michele Cantiello
  • Micol Bolzonella
  • monica lazzarin
  • Olga Cucciati
  • Paola Santini
  • Paolo Cassata
  • Roberto Decarli
  • Sandra Burkutean
  • Simona Paiano
  • Stefano Cristiani
  • Valentina D'Orazi
  • Viviana Casasola
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