Sep 22 – 25, 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

Key Arguments

Causality in Physics Theoretical framework: the causality principle and its apparent violations, closed timelike curves, and blackholes. Physical aspects: paradoxes, spacetime deformations, wormholes, curvature engines, quantum causality, entanglement, teleportation.

The spacetime machine: travelling from “micro” to “macro” event The beginning of time, holographic principle, causal connections between microscopic and macroscopic properties of time. Entropy and the arrow of time, the emergent properties of gravity.The cosmic censorship and our Universe, hypotheses on the local and global spacetime structures of the Universe. The LHC timemachine.

Astronomy and Metrology: the Earth&Sky as a Timemachine A historical perspective to the concept of time. From celestial meridian to the operational definition of the unit of time.The new era of Astrometry: relativistic mapping, synchronization, spacetime positioning and navigation.

Outreach Events, Beaming up the spacetime: travelling from science fiction to reality The many facets of time perception. Back and forth from science to science-fiction.“Action!” on timemachines